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Why are tasks not listed in scheduler anymore?

Question asked by Tony Bravetti on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by Tony Bravetti

I setup a list of images to render overnight via task scheduler. Everything was work as it should. When i came back the next day, i found that MSFT was nice enough to install an update and rebooted my machine. When i went to find my images they were not done. And they are not listed in the scheduler either. So i went into SW and tried to re-schedule the task using the same file names. I get an error stating those names were already scheduled and to rename. So i rename. I go back to the task scheduler and neither the new or the older are listed. I have tried to schedule other images using different files and none are showing up in the task scheduler. It seems task scheduler is useless now.


Does any know where the temp files for the scheduler are located? Perhaps the location of this has been corrupted? Anyone have any ideas?