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How can I use a property ReverseDirection in a swRefPlaneConstraintBase?

Question asked by Erika Gómez on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by Erika Gómez

How can I use a property ReverseDirection in a plane wich IRefPlaneFeatureData::Type2 returns swRefPlaneConstraintBase and IRefPlaneFeatureData::Type returns swRefPlaneDistance?

In the API help says that a property ReverseDirection can be used in a Constraint-based with angle or offset distance references, but when I assign a new value to the property it doesn't change.


In my code I have

     bool reverse;

     reverse = true;     

     MyPlaneRef.ReverseDirection  = reverse


But when I check the values after to execute the above code the objet return ReverseDirection: false, what should I do to that property can change?



Objeto COM

    [System.__ComObject]: Objeto COM

    Angle: 0.0

    AutoSize: false

    Distance: 0.01

    OriginOnCurve: false

    ProjectionType: 0

    ReverseDirection: false

    Selections: {object[1]}

    SolutionIndex: 0

    Type: 5

    Type2: 11

    UseNormalPlane: false