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    Help needed -- No RealView Graphic with K2100M.

    Shaodun Lin

      Help needed:

      No RealView Graphics with my Quadro K2100M card!


      Device Manager:


      Drivers I had tried:

      • 340.84 (from SOLIDWORKS website)
      • 341.01 (from SOLIDWORKS website)
      • NVIDIA Optimus Display Driver  (from Lenovo website)
      • QUADRO NOTEBOOK DRIVER RELEASE 352   353.30  WHQL ( from Nvidia website)
      • Performed clean install each time.


      SOLIDWORKS interface:



      Nvidia control panel:


      Nothing shows in GPU activity when launch SOLIDWORKS.



      Other information:

      • BIOS updated to latest version.
      • There is no Optimus setting in BIOS.
      • Laptop model:  Lenovo W540.


      Deepak Gupta