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Solidworks electrical: going from schematics to drawings.

Question asked by Dillon Martin on Jul 23, 2015

I am trying to recreate a drawing in Solidworks electrical (I would like both the schematic and the cable drawing), but I am brand new to electrical and running into a few issues. One end of the cable has a connector with 6 pins inside it and the other end has 7 pins by themselves. Here are the steps I followed:

1. I started by modeling the pins and going through the electrical component wizard to at the connection point, then added these to the manufacture parts manager.

2. Then I inserted the pre-made symbol into the schematic and linked the required number of pins to they symbols.

3. I added my wires to the cable references manager and the wire style manager (to get here I went to the schematic tab, draw single wire, clicked the 3 dots next to name, and then clicked manage)

4. I drew the wires and right clicked them and clicked associate cable cores and associated the corresponding cables with the drawn wires.

5. Select all and add then right click to add to harness.

6. Create SOLIDWORKS cabinet layout and then insert all components and necessary mates (I inserted the connector housing like you would a regular part in an assembly)

7. Routed wires using the Route Harnesses option and let solid works route everything itself.


How do flatten this and make a drawing (and how would I go about adding more cables to subsequent sheets in this drawing)? When I select flatten>manufacture I get an error that says the assembly contains disjointed route segments and then I use flatten>annotation it splits each wire up into its own place on the screen instead of staying together like a cable.

Also, how do I get the wire to splice halfway down instead of just having 2 wires with the same starting point?


Like I said I am brand new to electrical and not sure if I am using it properly. If you have any suggestions they would be appreciated.