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What is the best resource available for learning surface modeling for consumer product design?

Question asked by Scott Petrie on Jul 22, 2015
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I am new to SolidWorks, although I have been a user of NX for 6 years & Pro-E for 5 years before that.

I have never used surfacing, instead, it's always been solid modelling I've used.

I am a product design engineer, and I am looking to learn how to use SolidWorks to allow me to fully design some consumer products along the lines of the style and complexity of a wireless optical mouse.

I wish to learn how to go about designing products, like the mouse example, using surfacing techniques to build up the constituent parts, with the view to finally plastic injection molding the parts.

Can anyone advise what the best way will be for me to learn these techniques?

I have viewed some surfacing tutorials on YouTube, but what I am really looking for is professional level walkthroughs of designing full consumer products from scratch using surfacing within SolidWorks.

I am also aware of the limited content available on DigitalTutors and Lynda.


Many thanks