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    SolidWorks Routing Connector Table

    Richard Harder II

      I'm waiting to hear back from our VAR, but for now has anyone else dealt with empty connector-tables inserted into flattened route drawings?  I read where they don't work in 2015 and that the bom-connector-table needs to be used, but this populates the header data with the terminal Reference and Part Number rather then the housing Reference and Part Number.  When we insert either the connector-table.sldtbt from our library that worked in 2014, or the connector-table.sldtbt that comes with 2015, the header is populated but the pin/wire name/color is missing.

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          Richard Harder II

          I apologize for not following-up with this sooner.  Upon further testing we are now using the connector table SLDBOMTBT now with some success.  Reference SPR 850089.  There are remaining issues though that need to be resolved.


          1) Connector BOM Table Sorting – SPR# 906083 ‘Apply sort settings to columns in connector table on initial insert of connector table.’ - Will not save sort per PIN.
          Comes in sorted by WIRE NAME.  User is required to right-click and manually sort each table by PIN.

          2) Duplicate Wire Names Not Allowed in Connector Tables - SPR# 908257 'Route with from-to list where a wire starts and ends at the same component shows  incorrectly in flatten route connector-bom table.' – User will be required to manually enter the pin information.

          3) Unlink Connector Balloons – SPR# 850089 ‘Connector Tables for routes created in 2015 do not populate’ - Component Reference leader is broken when Connector tables are inserted.  Because of the connector table template change to BOM style, users are now required to right-click on the harness view and unselect Link Balloon in Properties.