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Previous Questions not Visible When Asking a New One

Question asked by John Wayman on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by John Wayman


When I want ask a question about SW, I open up the forum on the Home Page and start to type in the 'Have A Question?' box at the top right of the Home screen.

As I type, the forum puts up suggestions of similar questions that have already been asked, and that may include the answer to my own question.

Unfortunately, the previous questions are not visible, because the column they show up in is not wide enough. Even if I hover my mouse over a specific question heading, the whole heading does not show up.

My only recourse is to click on one of the questions to see whether it may be relevant. Usually, the first one I click on will not be relevant, so I click the 'Back' button.

I am then returned to the home page, but my question is gone.

I re-type my question and try again.

After a couple of iterations, my patience is exhausted and I ask the question anyway. It is just too difficult and time-consuming to determine whether any of the previous questions were relevant to my question. Thus, some of my questions will have been answered before.

I have attached a screenshot showing the problem.


I imagine that I am doing something wrong. I can't believe that I am the only person to have come across this behaviour, or that there is not some way of overcoming it.

I look forward to your advice on the correct way to ascertain whether my question has already been answered.