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    Blast Load Analysis

    Lakhvinder Singh

      Hi All,


      Is it possible to do a blast load analysis on a structure with SolidWorks Simulation? The equipment is a pressure vessel on a ship and the foots of the pressure vessel has been welded to the ship deck. The foots have reaction loads due to the operational loads of the equipment, self weight and ship accelerations. Thanks in advance.





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          Tim Brewer

          Hi Lakhvinder.  Are you looking to characterize the blast loading or determine the structural response of the pressure vessel, or both?


          We have developed a code to calculate and map airblast loads directly onto a SolidWorks model however, for the response analysis we use either single-degree of freedom methods or finite element methods. You can see the concept here: KC-TEC Blast Assessment Software - YouTube


          Let me know if you have any questions or comments.


          Kind regards,



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            Sindre Sorhus

            Hello Lakhvinder


            You can do so by using nonlinear dynamics module in SolidWorks Simulation Premium package. There you can apply a blast-pressure based on time and solve for structure response and deformation. Make sure you define a proper material profile for the structure with stress-strain curve or a possibly a bilinear material. Then you will get the correct behavior and find the areas that may exceed the ultimate strength of the material.

            However, you will not see any cracks or parts breaking and fly off in simulation. But you can draw some conclusions based on the volume of the structure that goes beyond the ultimate material strength.