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    Convert to Solid Body

    Blake McCall

      I have a model of a humerus bone made of surface lofts, however i cannot use any cut-extrude tools. How do i turn this part to a solid body in order to chop it up?

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          Mark Kaiser

          I did not look at your file, but it the surfaces need to be 'water tight', no open (blue?) egdes.  Then you can use surface knit, make a solid option.  I believe you can use the thicken tool also, once it is a water tight set of surfaces.

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            Mark Olsen


                 A part with the model as a solid is attached.  There are a lot of bad surfaces/edges in the original model.  I cleaned up what I could, deleted some faces and rebuilt, then exported as iges and reimported the file.  Import diagnostics did the rest.  Knitting doesn't work due to unstable geometry.  I wouldn't have created the model with all the lofts the way that you did.  You have sketchs that are incomplete and underdefined.  The lofts have no guide curves and easily get twisted during knitting.  Hopefully this model will get you where you need to go.