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SWE 2015 - General Issues

Question asked by Mike Motkowski on Jul 22, 2015

We just upgraded from SWE 2014 to SWE 2015 and noticed a few issues (below).  Has anyone else noticed these issues and/or have workarounds?


1. Drafting bug: When drafting, either in a symbol or on a schematic page, if a user has a command active (say a "move" command) and toggles ORTHO, SNAP, OSNAP, etc on or off, the command is immediately cancelled.  This is very frustrating and adds time to what should be simple tasks.


2. P&ID Symbol Type: It appears that we now have a "P&ID" symbol type.  I've created several symbols of this new type, but I can't figure out how to use them.  When placing a symbol in a scheme, line diagram, or mixed scheme, SWE automatically filters for specific symbol types.  P&ID symbols are filtered out, so basically there is no way to place these symbols on a drawing.  Has anyone had success using P&ID symbols?


3. Wire Style - P&ID Phase: It appears that we now have a "P&ID" phase type when configuring wire styles.  There seems to be a bug though.  When a wire style is assigned a "P&ID" phase and the project is closed and re-opened, the wire style is deleted.  Any wires that may have been created using this new style are converted to an unknown wire style.  Has anyone had success using P&ID wire styles?


4. Variables changing from SWE 2014 to SWE 2015:  We have about 200 wire styles configured in our default project.  At least one of the variables (LIN_LIN -->  ROW_NO) used in our wire numbering formula changed from SWE 2014 to SWE 2015.  As a result, none of our formulas were working and we had to go find the incorrect variable and update all of our formulas (all of our formulas were working just fine in SWE 2014).