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Linking Detail Drawing Properties to Detail Drawing Format

Question asked by Matthew Hiser on Jul 22, 2015
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I am trying to edit my detail drawing format to save time when detailing drawings. Currently we have links from the Part to the Detail Drawing it is inserted into so that the Properties from the Part are propagate to the Detail Drawing but that was set up before I started working at the company and the guy who originally set that up has retired, so naturally no one else knows how to do it. What I am trying to accomplish is to format a Detail Drawing Format so that when I type in a Properties Tab (Either in the Part itself or change the Properties Tab within the Detail Drawing) so that it propagates to the ISSUED BY, DATE, and SRF#  I am new to the whole $PRPSHEET:{TEXT} format that SolidWorks uses to link between Properties tabs and Drawing sheets so if anyone can explain how to link properties between a Detail Drawing Sheet and a Properties Tab I'd appreciate it.