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    Linking Detail Drawing Properties to Detail Drawing Format

    Matthew Hiser



      I am trying to edit my detail drawing format to save time when detailing drawings. Currently we have links from the Part to the Detail Drawing it is inserted into so that the Properties from the Part are propagate to the Detail Drawing but that was set up before I started working at the company and the guy who originally set that up has retired, so naturally no one else knows how to do it. What I am trying to accomplish is to format a Detail Drawing Format so that when I type in a Properties Tab (Either in the Part itself or change the Properties Tab within the Detail Drawing) so that it propagates to the ISSUED BY, DATE, and SRF#  I am new to the whole $PRPSHEET:{TEXT} format that SolidWorks uses to link between Properties tabs and Drawing sheets so if anyone can explain how to link properties between a Detail Drawing Sheet and a Properties Tab I'd appreciate it.

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          Martin MacDonald

          Hi Matthew,


          First thing to do is  make sure you have the Custom Properties in either the Part or the Drawing

          Then in the sheet of the Drawing r-click on the sheet and Edit Sheet Format. From here you can then add notes and link them to the properties in either the drawing or the part.

          For this example I have added a note and manually written Print Issued By: - I have then clicked on linked to property. I can then either pick the current document if that property is defined in the drawing or model if it is in the part document. I can then pick any of the custom properties from the drop down list.

          This note will then be linked to whatever you put in the Custom property box. Then make sure to exit the Sheet Format mode in the drawing, save the sheet format and finally save the drawing template / part template so those Custom properties that you require to be input are in the Drawing and Part templates to be filled out and populated to the drawing sheet.


          A recommendation - I would set all the Custom Properties to something generic like "xxx" when saving the template so this value shows up in the drawing sheet and you know that it requires an input.

          Of course if you already have templates with the Custom Properties available all you have to do is link them in the Drawing and make sure to save this Sheet Format and Template.


          I hope this helps Matthew




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            JOHN GEORGE

            You have to create the properties in Property Tab builder (either for part or drawing) and then link that properties in drawing sheet.

            $PRPSHEET: refers to the properties from part and $PRP: from drawing

            Once you set up your property tab builder, it's easy to link all these properties

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              John Stoltzfus

              To see a little behind the scenes right click on the drawing page and go to Edit Sheet - there you can see the drawing template setup..


              Follow John George's advice - he was a big help for me a few years ago and Custom Properties is where it all starts....