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    ePDM will not preview .pdf files?

    Wes Allington

      We recently upgraded epdm from 2014 sp5 TO 2015 sp4. We're having an issue on clients with Adobe Acrobat XI installed on their machines. When they click on a .pdf file in epdm, rather than show in the Preview window, the file opens in Acrobat XI, and the Preview pane in epdm shows a "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" message. This is only with Adobe Acrobat XI.


      We have several other clients that use Adobe Reader XI, Acrobat X, Acrobat 7, or Bluebeam as .pdf viewers/editors, and they don't seem to be affected by the issue. I've tried playing with various settings, internet add-ons, etc., and maybe I just haven't found the right one, or maybe there's a compatibility issue with epdm and Acrobat XI.


      If anybody has any ideas or recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated.

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          Scott Slovik

          Hi Wes,


          I upgraded our Production EPDM vault to 2015 SP4 a few weeks ago.

          I'm seeing the same issue with the preview tab with PDF files and Adobe X, Adobe XI

          I know we didnt have this issue when my company went live with EPDM 2015 SP1.


          I just tested in EPDM 2016 Beta2, on a completely isolated test workstation.

          Still has the same issue. I will keep testing.

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            Faur Arama


            On adobe reader uncheck "Enable protected mode at startup" - menu Edit->Preferences->Security(Enhanced)

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                Scott Slovik

                Thanks Faur,


                But unchecking "Enable protected mode at startup" did not help me.

                I even completely uninstalled Adobe Reader 10, rebooted,

                installed Adobe Reader 9, and still have the issue.


                Are you running EPDM 2015 SP4?

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                    Martin Green

                    It may be a long shot but recently there has been a lot of issue related to a Windows update (KB3072630). If you have done any of your updates since the 15th July you may be affected by it.

                    If so, on the client machine go to Control Panel > Program and Features and in the top left click on View installed Updates. Find the Windows update mentioned above and uninstall it. Reboot the machine and the run a a repair install on the PDM client.


                    It may not work but it could be worth a try.

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                        Ben D.

                        I had this issue, and found the answer in the forum. There is a windows registry setting for which program to use for preview. I didn't manage to fix the adobe viewer, so I installed the Foxit pdf viewer, and preview started working. Search this forum if you are interested for registry fixing, the answer is definitely already here, or use Foxit

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                        Faur Arama

                        Yes, I'm using a  testing vault running 2015 sp4.0.

                        Try a clean reinstall of the latest adobe reader version.

                        Also check the the values in registry HKLM\Software\Solidworks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\FileFormats\.pdf

                        For using epdm plugin for pdf files this key must contain a single line - InsoPlugin.dll

                        In my registry this key contain also a line - HtmlPlugin.dll@AcroPDF.PDF

                        These lines are separated by a carriage return.

                        I must mention that I'm using Adobe Reader DC

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                            Scott Slovik

                            Thank you all for the comments.

                            After reinstalling every Adobe Reader version, editing the value in registry HKLM\Software\Solidworks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\FileFormats\.pdf fixed the issue.


                            Once I removed the "AdobePDF.PDF" and "FoxitReader.Document" lines so ONLY "InsoPlugin.dll" was listed, restart Explorer process,

                            and now my EDPM preview of PDF files works fine again. (See image below of reg key)

                            I tested this on 4 separate computers, including my EPDM2016B2 tester, and the fix works.

                            not need to install FoxitReader or Bluebeam PDF.

                            fix for PDF preview in EPDM2015.jpg

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                        Peer Larson

                        Please try the steps in this SolidWorks knowledgebase solution: S-066423: How do you enable Adobe® Reader XI or Adobe® Acrobat Reader DC as the preview application for PDF files on an SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM 64-bit Windows® client and how do you troubleshoot problems with PDF preview?