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How can I wrap/emboss on a non-circular tube?

Question asked by Eric Pierce on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2015 by Eric Pierce

I want to create two versions of the same fundamental design. The fundamental design a simple stent: a tube embossed with a cross-hatch pattern. One version's tube has a circular cross-section. In the other version, the cross-section is D-shaped.


I succeeded in the circular case but for the D-shaped case, I can't find a way to perform the wrap function. This could be because of the multiple faces: I created the D by creating an ellipse, then cutting off part of it with a straight line, then filleting the corners. Perhaps if I could merge these faces into one smooth face it would work - you can see I attempted this with Surface Knit, but had no luck.


Any ideas are more than welcome! Thanks to all in advance. I uploaded both versions - successful and unsuccessful. Exact dimensions are subject to change later, for now I just want to understand the approach.