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coppy surface (offset surface)

Question asked by Kyle Ng on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by Alin Vargatu

Hello SW users,

I ma having a problem deleting a solid body after I do an offset surface to copy a surface from this solid body.

My method is that I want to create a new model as a separate file. What I do is:

1- I create a new file then go to insert/part and locate the solid model I want to borrow a surface from.

2- once I locate the model, I open it and I click on the check mark to place the part on its origin. I want to do it this way so that later when I insert my new part into an assembly then my model will be in the right place or mate to its origin.

3- now, I offset the surface I want to use from the solid model  - done.

4- now, I want to delete the solid model and only keep the surface I copied from it.

a pop-up window prompts me that if I delete the solid model it will also delete the surfaces linked to this solid model and I can't choose to just delete the solid body only!


Can someone show me how I can delete the model and keep only the surface I copied so that it only shows the surface bodies on the model tree?