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    Smooth dxf export?

    Vincent Bensch

      So I have a sketch that was derived from breaking up text. I need to export it to a dxf with smooth curves, but this happens when I try. Any Ideas?

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          Richard Earley

          Hi Vincent,


          Double-check your output settings for DXFs


          File > Save as > Choose DXF as the File Type > Options.


          I reckon that you might have the splines being exported as polylines rather than splines


          SW text is usually treated as a spline, rather than lines and arcs



          dxf output.png


          Otherwise, does it still look the same after exported? Something like DraftSight would do as a free viewer


          Hope that this helps!



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              Vincent Bensch

              These are the settings that generated that picture, and yes it looks the same way after importing it into Illustrator.


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                  Richard Earley

                  Hmm interesting, I have come across two possible solutions in the Knowledgebase


                  The first suggest increasing you Image Quality (Tools > Options > Document Properties > Image Quality > Shaded and Draft Quality HLR/HLV Resolution)


                  This works as the DXF is almost like a screenshot. That being said, your sketch curves look decent anyway.



                  The other suggestion is editing the dxf in a text editor and increasing a certain value (S-067738)

                  1     Open the DFX file with a text editor

                  2     Search the word “VPORT”

                  3     Below the second VPORT word, about “ViewportTableRecord”, imagine to create groups, everyone in two rows.

                  4     The first row with “40” indicates the Viewport Height

                  5     Change the second parameter with a value, more little than the actual.


                  When you open the changed DXF, probably it needs a Fit View, but the entities should have now a better graphical representation, similar when a ”regen / rebuild” process has been run.