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    I can't open an .step assembly

    Enacheanu Dragos


      I have from a customer a folder which contains a .step file (very small in size) and other 30 .stp files. To open these they told me to do like this:


      "The complete STEP-package consists of a structure file and the associated STEP-modules.

      The structure file describes the location of each STEP-module. Geometry data are not stored in the structure file.

      The file name of the structure file begins with the relevant drawing number.

      All STEP-modules contained in the file folder are loaded when opening the structure file. Therefore the needed structure file and STEP-modules must be in the same file folder.

        By removing the unneeded STEP-modules from the file folder the model can be adapted individually."



      I tried to open it and got the error attached file: "No solid data in file". I opened the .step file (the structure file) with notepad and I did find the names of the .stp along with their coordinates.

      If i try to import each .spt file it works but if I try building the assembly i have no information for mating them.

      Do you have any ideas how can I open it?

      I have SW 2015 Premium SP0, but I tried it with SW 2015 SP4m and got the same result.


      Thank you.

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          Jamil Snead

          Maybe you'll have to open each stp file individually, then throw them all in an assembly at the origin. Then you can use Move Component command to move each part into place, referencing the coordinates from the structure file for the location of each part. It might take a while to do this for each part individually but it should work.

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              John Stoltzfus

              Expanding on your comment of opening individual files....


              I would open each file like you said and then... 


              Open an assembly and insert existing components, select them all and insert them all from the insert dialog box and they will snap into place one at at time, no reason to reference the coordinates.

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                Enacheanu Dragos

                Well, that's the long way method. Of course I tried, but extracting a single .step took me 30 minutes. I did this for 3 out of those 30 components and tried put them into an assembly but the program works veeeeeery slow, though I have a very good pc. I tried to put them all in origin and didn't result what should've.