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.NET Macro Causing VSTA Crashes

Question asked by Nick Biancalana on Jul 21, 2015

I have a rather large macro I wrote in .NET (the VSTA interface) that seems to be randomly crashing VSTA. I am running SolidWorks 2014 SP5.0.


The macro can run multiple times, but if it closed and SolidWorks sits a while, it crashes VSTA and just gives an error message when trying to re-run the macro basically stating "Cannot open [macro.dll].". When you shut down SolidWorks, a popup alerts you that "Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications has encountered an error. The promary host process unexpectedly shutdown.".


The macro doesn't do anything too fancy in regards to SolidWorks, the most complex thing it does is query 2 separate outside databases for information, and I've made sure that those are both closed and disposed of in the code. Other than that, it mainly reads/modifies file properties, and changes materials in part files.



Is this a macro hangup causing a crash, or is this a random instability in VSTA?