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Big screws when working with clients' assemblies

Question asked by Robert Campbell on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by Alan Sweetenham

I do not use Toolbox for my own designs, so thankfully the classic big screws problem does not affect my own work.


However, I encounter it almost anytime I work with data from a client that uses Toolbox.


Supposedly this was fixed years ago, although I've still seen references to it since in this forum as well as others.


Any idea what is wrong? Should the client change a setting on their end? Should I change something on my end?



This is ludicrous. Will SolidWorks just give us a proper library and stop encouraging people to use this mess? The standard recommendation idea that these parts should not be stored in your PDM system (how many interferences and how much costly scrap and rework has been caused by hardware in your experience? And we're supposed to leave the management of these up to an external, non-revisioned controlled database, never mind one that is this flakey?) is beyond me.


Any help greatly appreciated.