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Video Card not recognized in 2015

Question asked by J. B on Jul 21, 2015

I upgraded to 2015 and since I work with bigger assemblies and drawings, it crashes when loading the files. I contacted my VAR but no solution to the problem.

When I run the Diagnostics, it lists the Intel Integrated Video Card, which is not the one for solidworks. I run the diagnostics in 2014 and it lists the proper card.I cant figure out why it regonizes the card in 2014 but not in 2015.

I checked the driver and its correct

I checked the settings in the nivida control pannel, and changed some to see if it makes a difference

made a new user in windows, to see if that makes a difference

used both save modes to start Solidworks

reinstalled the videocard and driver

Reinstalled Solidworks multiple times, with different service packs

Uninstalled DELL power managing software


All has not helped,


I'm getting desperate, as we are building the project in the shop and I cant properly access the files.


Thanks for your guys's input!




Dell Precision M4800

NVIDIA Quadro K1100M

Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600