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    Excel in MBD

    James Pare

      Hello everyone

      Does any one have any ideas on how to embed excel files into a SWX assembly & have them show through the 3D MBD pdf file?

      We have very involved title blocks that are critical, the SWX based title block just isn't good enough for us

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          John Burrill

          That's a good question.  the only way an excel spreadsheet will display in SolidWorks is as an OLE object-which I doubl would be supported by the MBD PDFs since OLE is proprietary. 
          I'd look at finding a way to render your titleblock as an XAML file and then see if you can insert that into Solidworks as an annotation like a sketch block.

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            Casey Gorman



            At this time the only thing we have been able to do is manually fill in a table, placed in the Notes Area annotation view. This does allow the table to show up and be Captured, thus displaying in the 3D PDF.


            Hopefully a better solution is coming soon.


            It regards to title block, we incorporated this information into the 3D PDF template. The template carries the custom property fields we want displayed. If you a looking to have formulas in these fields, that would be a challenge.