maurice bellando

Detecting over-ridden dimensions

Discussion created by maurice bellando on Jul 26, 2007

Over-ridden dimensions have been a big problem for us in thepast. Seeing this option in the Design Checker would appear tosolve our problem. It detects if the 'override value' box in the'Primary Value' option has been ticked, and a new value entered inthe 'Override value' text box.


However, by far the simplest way of over-riding a dimension issimply to overwrite the 'Dimension Text' box. (See attachedpicture). Design Checker doesn't appear to notice this. Therefore adrawing could be full of overridden dimensions and the DesignChecker would let the drawing pass the check.


Am I missing something, or is Design Checker worse than uselessat detecting false dimensions?


Thanks in advance for any replies.