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Fillet won't go all the way

Question asked by Alex Draeker on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by Alex Draeker

Alright, so I am making this unique hanger thingy on Solidworks. The Part isn't completed yet, but it's giving me some trouble already. Unlike a couple of my other discussions, dimensions are important in this one.
I'll start off by giving all the dimensions, etc alongside with the photos, and then talk more about my problem.


Front Joint 2 for SW.JPG

Here are the side dimensions of the piece. If it looks collinear to the x axis or y axis, it is. If I'm missing any dimensions you guys need to know, feel free to message me of course, and I'll answer as soon as I can.


Front Joint 2 for SW2.JPG

Here are the top dimensions. As you can see it's 12,9mm wide, and the center is 4,95mm wide. It is symmetrical. Keep in mind that the vertices in the center are not attached to the horizontal due to the shape of that piece as seen in the side dimensions. I made this piece by converting over the entities that will be cut, and then mirroring them over a mid plane for both sides where I would simply just extrude cut on both sides.


Front Joint 2 for SW3.JPG

Here is the problem. I want a fillet/rounded edge all the way through this circle, however fillet refuses to work for me here. It has to be a full fillet, but the maximum radius the fillet will give me is somewhere around 2.3mm leaving a small flat on the front of the surface.


Front Joint 2 for SW6.JPG

As shown here.


Front Joint 2 for SW4.JPG

Here is a picture of the piece.

Front Joint 2 for SW5.JPG

Another picture of the piece.


Okay, I know I didn't explain that very well, so if there are any questions, I'll answer them of course. Thank you very much for your time in reading this and hopefully finding the answer.




Alex D