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    Extract Stiffness Matrix?

    Nathan Bolander

      Is it possible to extract the stiffness matrix from COSMOSWorks?I am evaluating the software for possible use at our company, andthis functionality is critical for us. It is easily done in otherFEA packages, but seems to be a bit tricky in COSMOSWorks. Any ideas?



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          Vince Adams
          Hi Nathan, in what format would you want the stiffness matrix data? Can you share why you need this? The more we understand your use, the easier it will be to explore options.

            • Extract Stiffness Matrix?
              Nathan Bolander

              Hi Vince, thanks for the reply. Any format would be acceptablereally.  As long as we are able to correlate stiffness valueswith nodal positions we can manipulate the data externally to suitour needs. Stiffness (or actually, compliance) data would findimmediate use in our dynamic modeling, as well as some possibleelastohydrodynamic lubrication studies in the future.



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                  genexxer genexxer
                  Might this be a job for cosmos works adv. prof. 2008...dynamics studies? I think I remember a cwx tech support guy in LA saying that all the study types found in astar (geostar) are supported...such as harmonic, modal time history and spectral analysis.

                  astar actually does a similar sounding thing to what you are doing...post process the mass normalized eigenvectors from natural frequency study results into ...for example...a transfer function for nodes of interest.
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                  John Mather

                  OK, this is a very old thread, but I have the same requirement to calculate the stiffness matrix for various locations, particularly the radial stiffness (N/micron) and bending stiffness (Nm/degree) of cylindrical bores, for transfer to separate gear, shaft & bearing analysis software.


                  I know this is possible in other FEA packages, but can't find any real references to it for SW/Cosmos, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.


                  At the moment I have to go through the process of applying a series of single forces & single moments and measuring the deflections, which is very tedious for a large model!


                  Thanks, John.