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Surfaces with FloWorks

Question asked by Oscar Terrer on Jul 25, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2007 by Oscar Terrer
I've modeled one shape with surfaces, and i've tried to make ananalisys with FloWorks, but the problem is: when i try to use thisshape in a FloWorks analisys, the program says there must be atleast one component. It seems the program needs solidcomponents, i think. I would like someone could tell me if there isany option, or conversion tool for surfaces in order to realize aFloWorks analysis with surfaces. I've tried to transform surfacesto solids, given them thickness, but it's a hard work, and itdoesn't works because i create zero geometry, and that makesimpossible the FloWorks analisys. My specific doubt is thenext:
- I've modeled with surfaces, does exists some way to convertthe model so that it can be studied by FloWorks?

Thank you very much