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    Surfaces with FloWorks

    Oscar Terrer
      I've modeled one shape with surfaces, and i've tried to make ananalisys with FloWorks, but the problem is: when i try to use thisshape in a FloWorks analisys, the program says there must be atleast one component. It seems the program needs solidcomponents, i think. I would like someone could tell me if there isany option, or conversion tool for surfaces in order to realize aFloWorks analysis with surfaces. I've tried to transform surfacesto solids, given them thickness, but it's a hard work, and itdoesn't works because i create zero geometry, and that makesimpossible the FloWorks analisys. My specific doubt is thenext:
      - I've modeled with surfaces, does exists some way to convertthe model so that it can be studied by FloWorks?

      Thank you very much
        • Surfaces with FloWorks
          Daniel Mundstock
          Hi, COSMOS FloWorks does not recognize surfaces....
          I know this can be a hard work, but you have to use solid bodies...
            • Surfaces with FloWorks
              Oscar Terrer
              Thanks for your confirmation. At the end, i've get the way totransform surfaces to solids in order to make an aerodynamicanalysis. Once i have the surfaces, i send to Gambit, and here youcan create a volume in a easy way. Then, export to Solid Works, andnow i can make the FloWorks analysis.
              But i have other question. What kind of setup i must to use to makea typical aerodynamic car analysis? I mean, computational domain,boundary conditions, global goals, etc?
              I'm very interested in this, so any kind of help will be veryappreciate.

              About Global goals, i have other dude, because i've reproduced anairfoil example:http://www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/K-12/airplane/foil2.html

              The speed and pressure are more ore less the same, but the Liftforce is at least the half. What am i doing wrong?

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                  Daniel Mundstock
                  Nice, maybe it would be possible to be made in SW but if you got to do in Gambit, fine. It depends on what you are looking for, you can set the initial velocity and take the pressure gradient. Goals shall be basically what you are interested. Try to use force foal for lift analysis...
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                      Oscar Terrer
                      Thanks again! Ok i will use force foal. But i will explain what i'mlooking for:
                      I need to make an external analysis of a car (the geometry is not aproblem). i will work with only one half of the car, and iwill adjust the computational domain, with her simetry planes.
                      The fluid velocity will be 300 km/h in the Z direction (Along theaxis car)
                      And the mesh will be the most accurate possible
                      But, for this standar analysis, how must i set up the Flow type,roughness, and the most important, Turbulence parameters, asintensity and lenght?
                      I've read that for this kind of analysis, the turbulence modelsused must be Spalart-Allmaras and K-epsilon equations. How can iconfigure this in FloWorks?

                      Sorry for so much questions, but i'm a bit desperate, jejeje
                      the only i really need, is to be sure the Drag and Lift force value(in FloWorks Global goal Force Z and Y) are real (or the most realpossible)

                      I appreciate a lot all the help is giving to me. Thank you verymuch