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    Parasolid Import Data

    David Daugherty
      I have some parasolid data that I import into an empty assembly.When I read it in it looks fine and I can save it and close thewindow and re-open the file. The problems comes when I try to workwith it. I  can assemble it as a sub-assembly into another assembly and save and close window, but when I openit up I get this message.

       The internal document does not match the internal ID savedwith the referencing document. Select YES to accept this documentanyway. Select NO to browse for a replacement model.

      If I select yes the model disappears from the working window, andthe parts are in the model tree grayed out. If I open up one of theparts I can't see it in the working window either.

      I am a new user and do not know what any of this information means.If anyone has any information I would appreciate the help. Thanks,have a good day.
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          Christopher Thompson

          I have a similar question. Besides parts & assemblies, can SolidWorks import drawings from other CAD systems? I have a drawing of a stamped sheetmetal part created in Pro-E (Pro/Sheetmetal module) wilfire 2.0, and would like to export it for import into SolidWorks.

          I received this reply from another dual Pro-E / SolidWorks user:

          Does this party expect to modify these models or just use the as reference in their assemblies and such? If they require the ability to modify these Pro/E models at will, every non native format will have trouble. FeatureWorks has ton of issues (not just sheetmetal features). So if it's not possible to remodel the parts in native Solidworks\Solid Edge, you could send the Pro/E models out as a Parasolid. This would be compatible with SolidWorks and Solid Edge, but expect features to fall off. By the way, SolidWorks and Solid Edge use the same 'basic' Parasolid engine, but formatting is slightly different. Personally, I would take advantage of the option to send them your native Pro/E models and then they can convert them as they require. We always send out a native file and have the vendor deal with any format conversion.

          How succesful are other SolidWorks users at importing Pro-E sheemetal parts? Is there a config setting in FeatureWorks with improves the process?
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              Harold West
              Did you rename the part after you had put it in your assy.?
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                Mark Kaltenborn
                Good day,
                I would be happy to use Pro-E created parts and assemblies as reference geometry for future work related to them. I don't even mind using a STEP export/import if need be. I'm using SW2006 now and will have SW 2008 in a few weeks. I have been unable to successfully take a Pro-E STEP file and import it into SW 2006 without errors or failures. These errors do not occur impoting the same STEP file into Inventor.

                I need to know if this is going to happen with SW 2008. Is anyone willing to open a small assembly STEP file from Pro-E in SW 2008 to see if the same thing happens?

                Have you successfully used feature works to import parasolids (maintaining parametric intelligence)?

                Best regards, Mark
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                    Christopher Thompson

                    I do not have SW 2008 installed. However, I imported this STEP assembly into SW 2007 Office Premium x64, and attempted to convert the files into SolidWorks parts and assemblies.

                    SW 2007 could create the assembly, and the hardware (unconstrained/undimensioned feature sketches) parts. As far as the sheet metal part, I was unable to heal the faces / gaps which is required before FeatureWorks can attempt to recognize the features.

                    I usually resort to recreating sheet metal parts in SW as I have had very limited past success with FeatureWorks recognizing sheet metal features from STEP files exported from Pro-E. I probably will not install SW 2008 until most of the bugs are corrected in this release.
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                      Brian Cayer
                      Mark, This is what your file looks like when opening in
                      SW 2008 SP2.1

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                        Christopher Pinto
                        Hi Mark,
                        The attached STEP file has errors importing into SW2008. I suggest that you report the problem to your reseller, so that you get a bug number for your reference, that you can use to track the progress on this.
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                      Christopher Pinto
                      Hi Dave,
                      This happens if any of the parts that your assembly uses, gets overwritten.
                      I tried what you described and couldn't see a problem.
                      Please give me a detailed step by step description so that i can try and reproduce the problem. Please attach the Parasolid data if possible.