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Parasolid Import Data

Discussion created by David Daugherty on Jul 25, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2008 by Christopher Pinto
I have some parasolid data that I import into an empty assembly.When I read it in it looks fine and I can save it and close thewindow and re-open the file. The problems comes when I try to workwith it. I  can assemble it as a sub-assembly into another assembly and save and close window, but when I openit up I get this message.

 The internal document does not match the internal ID savedwith the referencing document. Select YES to accept this documentanyway. Select NO to browse for a replacement model.

If I select yes the model disappears from the working window, andthe parts are in the model tree grayed out. If I open up one of theparts I can't see it in the working window either.

I am a new user and do not know what any of this information means.If anyone has any information I would appreciate the help. Thanks,have a good day.