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Solid convert to sheet metal

Discussion created by Conrad Andres on Jul 24, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2007 by Drew H
I am somewhat new to SW, however I have been doing a lot ofstandard sheet metal design (designing boxes and cases forelectronic components) and weldments as well.  However Iwant to use SW to create "artwork" and then I can printout 1:1 drawings of the part to enable a template to cut parts, orto create .dxf's to get laser/plasma cut.  Then I can handform the parts the same as the SW model and weld it together. Aproject I want to try (which will be similar in construction to alot of my future ideas) is a gift to my Fiance on her B-day.

Now how do I make the band into a flat piece of sheet metal? I want it to start/end at the top/middle of the piece. The reason why I want SW to do this is because I can get theheight profile of the material exactly the same as the model whicheliminates any guess work.  I will be forming it out ofStainless along with capping both sides with Stainless.

Any advice would be fantastic!