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Balloons and BOM - asterix SW2015

Question asked by Benedict Kent on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Mati Link



I've searched the forums but the questions go back to 2011. I am using SW 2015 SP 2.1 and the BOM and ballooning is working inconsistently.


Here is my drawing set up.

I have my assembly. The assembly has 3 configurations - Original, Option 7 and Option 9


My first drawing view is that of the whole assembly using configuration Option 7 and ballooning that picks up all the components as listed in the BOM

I have created from it a BOM, Indented, Flat Numbering, Detailed Cut List, Configuration Selected is Option 7

Parts configuration groups is Display as one item number and Display configurations of the same part as separate items.


The first image is a view of the whole assembly Option 7. Roof plates numbers match the BOM in the second image.



BOM-Option 7-A.jpg



BOM-Option 7.jpg

The problem begins when I make a drawing view using just the roof assembly


BOM-Modded Roof.jpg

As you can see from the above image the modified roof has stars where the Item #s should be 193 and 194


BOM-Default Roof.jpg

However if I right click in this view and select default Roof, the item numbers appear even though as you can see the roof plates 193 & 194 don't match the description.


What is going on?