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Why do my Contains and Where Used columns re-arrange randomly?

Question asked by Tom Helsley on Jul 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by Tom Helsley

Does anybody else have this problem?  Does anybody know why my columns randomly get re-arranged, or how to prevent them from re-arranging?  Here's what happens:


In the Windows Explorer vault view, I have the columns in Contains and Where Used tabs arranged left-to-right, as follows (for example):

Filename, Version, Revision, State, Checked out by, Checked out in, Result, Found in


I'll be working in the vault for a while, and everything will be fine.  Later, I might go back to the contains tab and the columns are re-arranged.  For example, the columns might get re-arranged to the following left-to-right order:

Result, Checked out by, Checked out in,  Found in, Version, Revision, State, Filename


It never re-arranges the same way, and I've seen this on multiple machines (clients).




I'm currently using EPDM 2014 SP5.0.  Was this fixed in 2015?