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    Why do my Contains and Where Used columns re-arrange randomly?

    Tom Helsley

      Does anybody else have this problem?  Does anybody know why my columns randomly get re-arranged, or how to prevent them from re-arranging?  Here's what happens:


      In the Windows Explorer vault view, I have the columns in Contains and Where Used tabs arranged left-to-right, as follows (for example):

      Filename, Version, Revision, State, Checked out by, Checked out in, Result, Found in


      I'll be working in the vault for a while, and everything will be fine.  Later, I might go back to the contains tab and the columns are re-arranged.  For example, the columns might get re-arranged to the following left-to-right order:

      Result, Checked out by, Checked out in,  Found in, Version, Revision, State, Filename


      It never re-arranges the same way, and I've seen this on multiple machines (clients).




      I'm currently using EPDM 2014 SP5.0.  Was this fixed in 2015?