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Swept Cut failure for designing an Endmill

Question asked by Samarinder Singh on Jul 19, 2015
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I think I wasted over 5k just to find out that Solidworks can't do a proper swept cut for designing an endmill. I tried to communicate with my VAR but they are not responding to my phone calls. It is HawkRidge Systems. I wish I had purchased it thru GoEngineer or someone else.


Anyway I would like to submit the defect that Solidworks can't do a proper swept-cut using a helix as guide curve. I thought SW had this feature for a long time but apparently it is not ready for designing an endmill. I have already stopped the payments with them until they resolve the issue. Moreover, I never activated the key and I don't have intentions to use it unless they fix this issue.


Attached is model I where I tried to do this swept cut but it is nowhere near the actual shape of flute of endmill. On contrary the sales-guy from HawkRidge knowing nothing about endmill claims in his email that this model I made is good.


There are tons of images available on the Internet for the cross section of an endmill. And the cross-section of this model doesn't look good at all. I used my Catia V5 to make the cross-section since I mentioned that I never activated the product after the grace period was over and I don't want to do it because I am in the process of returning it. On a side a note this sales-guy from HawkRidge turned it over to the collection agency for the remaining payments.

Anyway when tool-maker grinds an endmill using the grinding wheel, it produces a sight curvature in the flute of the endmill which can be seen in all endmill cross-section images available on the internet. I am expecting the same result from using this Swept-Cut operation. Also at the end of the cut, it fails to maintain the smooth surface on the flute.


And here is search link for the correct cross-section image of an Endmill…


Can it be done/fixed in SolidWorks?