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SW Office Premium and COSMOS

Discussion created by Kurt Zinnack on Jul 20, 2007
SW 07/08 Education edition (SP3.1)Network Lic server (2000 server)Iperformed a fresh install on a workstation and it failed when itcame time to run the program. Error was that "the server doesnot perform that request". Seeing as how we were running 06/07version, I scanned knowledgebase here and read the suggestion ofupgrading the SW SolidNetWork licensing manager. I love gettingtripped up by the simple things.In performing the process Idiscovered that the USB port is acting wonky. So I choose to movethe service to another server. I obtained a happy red light fromthe dongle and successfully installed the license manager softwareincluding the license file import.Low and behold the SW install onthe client no longer gives the server error noted above. HOWEVER,now it complains the COSMOS floworks can not obtain license. Iobtained a new license file to reflect the new MAC and hostname. Inperforming this task on the web, the website shows thefollowing:


If your COSMOS product license is based on productactivation, you'll get a separate serial number for each of thefollowing COSMOS products via email: COSMOSWorks, COSMOSMotion andCOSMOSFloWorks. Please submit only one request to get serialnumbers for ALL of your COSMOS products. If your COSMOS productlicense is not covered by product activation, we will e-mail aCOSMOS license file to you. Note: The following form is forcommercial customers only. If you have SolidWorks Office Premium,you don't need a separate license or serial number to useCOSMOSWorks and COSMOSMotion. Your SolidWorks Office Premium serialnumber will work for COSMOSWorks Designer and COSMOSMotion.

Idid follow the EDU license request form link at the bottom of thepage, and obtained the file. Upon loading the COSMOS licensemanager software on the server, it successfully took the file, andaccurately reflects the floating seat count we purchased.I stillobtain the COSMOS error when staring SolidWorks, or even whenlaunching COSMOS.Any insight is appreciated.