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Only getting imported annotations from my assembly model on a Drawing but not any information from the part model

Question asked by Matthew House on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2015 by Ron Chappell

Hi there,


Recently I have modelled a frame in a part file, of which I added everything to the frame including weld beads, and then moved it to assembly file to finish it off with the tool box fixings. When i create a drawing from that assembly file i only can import annotations relevant to the assembly and not from the previous part model. So none of the annotations are being imported for the welds or the weldment features. If i create a drawing from the part file I get all the annotations but i would be missing all the fixings from my assembly.


Is there a way i can get my drawing to understand all the part model annotations from making a drawing from a assembly? Any help would be greatly appreciated as i really would rather not add all the welds manually on my drawing with the caterpillar tool.