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    pack & go fails/ duplicate info for large component assembly

    Nandkishore Mestry

      Dear All,


      We are a transformer manufacturer. Our assembly consist of over 3500 components in form of various sub-assemblies. We are currently facing an issue with “Pack & Go” Feature of Solidworks 2015 Professional. Please find attached file for detail.


      The major issue is duplicate information generation even after deselecting part.


      Looking forward for an answer through users support.


      Best Regards,


      Nandkishore Mestry

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          Ron Chappell


          What service pack version are you using of 2015?

          Are you using a PDM system?

          Try turning off any add-ins you have in SolidWorks before trying the Pack & Go as these can have an impact.

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            John Stoltzfus

            When you do a pack & go you don't want to recreate files with the same name in different locations, so what I do here if I'm dealing with interchangeable components is create a indented BOM which includes everything except the Top Assembly.  Then I save the BOM in an Excel format and go down the list and delete or black out the interchangeable parts, then I sort only the parts that will be saved in the Pack & Go.  Then one by one I change the part number using the Select/Replace button and when completed I save the file in another folder...


            I also have been experiencing issues using Pack & Go, where the links are broken, between parts and it is a very good possibility that I'm not doing something right, however my next Pack & Go I am planning to involve our VAR......


            Here we manufacture furniture and we normally make more than one size or style off of the original model,  however the Pack & Go isn't working how I would like or need it to work in our situation.


            First I create a part that is my Skeleton Sketch part, which is the top part in every assembly and every part and almost every feature sketch is off of that part.  Where Pack & Go fails for me is when I have created my new assembly I can open the "New" assembly and make changes to the Sketch part and the other parts don't follow through with those changes, so I need to break my links and edit all the sketches to reattach the relationships..


            What would work for me is that after I do my Pack & Go all I need to do is change a few overall sizes and everything moves accordingly...