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Equations broken in SW 2015 SP4

Question asked by TJ McDermott on Jul 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by Sergei Kulagin

SW 2015 SP4 will not evaluate equations for me.  I installed it yesterday on a machine which had 2014 SP5, but installed it as a new installation, not as an upgrade / overwrite.


I discovered it when trying to use smart fasteners out of the toolbox.  The hex cut for the standard socket head cap screw wasn't in the right location or the correct size.  In the image below, you can see the three equations which should size/locate it.  The two equation dimensions are both this:


="Hex Size@sketch3" / 2


Capture 7.jpg


It is not a matter of rebuild, pushing that button does not update it.  Looking at the equations manager, I see this:


Capture 6.jpg


You can see that the equations all show as red X, but offer no indication as to why.  What is more interesting is that the EVALUATES TO column DOES show correct values.


Further strangeness occurs when I start a brand new part.  Start a new sketch, put in two lines.  I dimension 1 line, and then dimension the other with an equation similar to that shown above.  Clicking the green check box to accept the dimension does nothing.  I can't get out of the equation box without either cancelling, or removing the equation.  I cannot create a sketch equation within the equation manager either. When I do this, I get a "syntax error" message, even though I know the syntax is correct.


I have uninstalled and deleted all SW2015 folders, then reinstalled, with identical results.


I have already tried the fix suggested in  knowledgebase S-066785, with no luck.



Any guidance or suggestions are appreciated.  I've already contacted my VAR, but have not heard back yet.