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Difficult fill with partial guide

Question asked by Mr Kujbida on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2015 by Mr Kujbida


How to introduce Sketch 4 into the the other group of sketches, such that a fill or boundary surface will be cleanly created? Please see attached diagram (1000 words).


The trouble is the flattening shown in Sketch 4. In the real world, it was done with a file on the epoxy model! Since the two ends of Sketch 4 should become defined by the fill as they approach Sketch 1 and Sketch 2, there is a catch 22: I need A to define B, and B to define A.


A boundary surface from Sketch 1 to Sketch 2 works fine. Boundary also works fine when introducing Sketch 3 as a guide. Fill also works, but only with optimize selected, and no guide curve. With optimize deselected, the fill is created towards the interior of the model, and I can't figure a combination of end conditions to make it move the other direction. Applying the guide to the fill yields 'the patch cannot be created.'


I tried a deform, but the face won't deform for any tool except point, which is not appropriate (this is probably my error is use of deform).


I have searched extensively, not sure what keywords to use though.


I've been lurking here for quite some time; it's an excellent community.


Suggestions much appreciated, and I hope I've created a worthy question!