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Does anyone have a technique to roll a collar with a jog flange at the end and 90 degree bend around the diameter?

Question asked by Stanley Davenport on Jul 20, 2015
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We are converting over from Solid Edge to SolidWorks and one area of concern is creating a standard collar. As SE will make the attached collar in any size it seems SW had a difficulty understanding what to do with one or the other flanges in the model.  I have attached two files. One is convetred our of SE without any modifications so you can see what I am trying to acheive in SW. The other is my version of that same file in SW. It seems no matter what process I attempt to use I cannot get a satifactory flat pattern or a folded model without losing some of the geomertry or without errors of some sort.  I am hoping thAt some long time sheet metal expert has encountered this type of issue before and will provide a solution. It seems this will not be solved in 2016 either according to our SW vendor or the guys at SW support. Although they really have tried to figure this one out wIth me.


Sorry!  I should have let everyone know that we are using SW 2014.

Added a STEP file of the original.  TEST60506.stp.


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Removed original "Converted" file. To confusing.


Message was edited by: Stanley Davenport I wanted to add a question to this post because a new issue has surfaced.  While the solution to my original problem provided here in the forum worked perfectly. I now need to add a hole to the resulting formed part. Seems that using a swept flange in 2014 SW does not allow the addition of holes. The hole(s) will not show up in the flat pattern view. I guess I could add the hole to the flat but getting it on a 45 degree angle will be trial and error.  So does anyone have a solution that will allow the creation of this part with holes in the rolled body and have those holes show up in the flat pattern?  Thank you.