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List of things to fix in 2015 sp4

Question asked by P. Farnham on Jul 17, 2015

1, Centreline on part will only work on some parts, having to choose view and delete unwanted centrelines. (repeatable by VAR)

2, Repeatable crash when inserting second instance toolbox part into an assembly. (Sent to VAR)

3, Random "RED" mates appear after inserting toolbox parts (any part). (New today)

4, Part revision not updating on drawing sheet until an edit sheet format implemented. (new today)

5, Minor but annoying, if Pdmworks is selected to start with Solidworks start up, the login window is behind the splash screen. (put up with since upgrading to 2015)

6, Part saved, checked into vault, change induced in same part when assembly opened. (expected according to Solidworks USA REALLY??, by who?)

7, Assembly saved, checked into vault, change induced in this same assembly if a higher assembly is opened which contains it. (expected according to Solidworks USA  REALLY?? by who?)

8, Solidworks crashing rotating an assembly after looking at another assembly in the vault using Document information. (Looks like Edrawings is still not right)




More to add I guess, please feel free to add more so that we can save time hunting for a solution that does not exist yet.

Waiting for Solidworks USA to come back on some of them through VAR.