Peter De Vlieger

Draftsight webpages TLC needed

Discussion created by Peter De Vlieger on Jul 17, 2015

It's been awhile so let's check if Draftsight needs updating.

Click Pulldown Menu Help  and select "Check for Updates"



Okay, however having been around the block a few times I try it differently and just do a google search for Draftsight update

So now we know there's a new version available.

We download the appropriate version. And while we do that we glance at the page and notice :

Doing the "click here" bit to see what has actually altered in this version one gets the following on a new page:

(so still no actual info) Okay, so lets visit the Draftsight community with the helpful link provided which takes you promptly to a new page.

Before you can see anything though you first have to login which then takes you to the general page of that community.

If one then goes back to the page with the 'helpful link' and click it again one gets taken straight to the info one seeks.


Sorry, I'm kidding, one sees the general Draftsight community page again.

And as you can see the release of SP3 doesn't even warrant a featured news item, or any item for that matter.


No problem, we'll just install the SP3 and then using the pulldown menu Help select the Draftsight Release Notes.

This then takes me to :



It's been available since June.

Finding out what's new however seems to be kafkaesque,