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Wall Cladding System Assembly to drive table of dimensions

Question asked by Colin Carlisle on Jul 16, 2015
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I am modeling a wall cladding system for a hotel lobby that consists of 4 walls of panels that will be fastened to the walls using Z-clips.  The panels themselves are to be 16ga Steel brakeformed around, and bonded to, a 3/4" thick backer panel. 


Here is the background info:

I am using a master sketch that is driven by a model of the site.  The master sketch basically defines the planes that the panels sit on, and the required linear relationships between all of the seams and outside edges of the panels.  I simply pull this sketch into a new part and create a sheet metal part from each of the outer edges of the panels defined by the master sketch.  This way, changes to any of the overall sizes drive the rest of the panels to change with the master sketch.  Then I offset 1/4" from the outer edges of my panel on the inside of each brakeformed sheet metal panel and insert that into a part to create a backer that is driven by the offset from the overall panel size which is driven by the master sketch.  This method has been outstanding and very easy to work with.


My question is:

Is there a way I can populate a table with all of the dimensions of both the panel size and the backer panel size?  I know design tables are used for purposes similar to this but not sure exactly if it works this way.  My final model consists of the site, and each panel assembly that contains the sheet metal part and corresponding backer panel (driven by the master sketch). 


The reason I want to do this is so that I can have the sizes of the panels and the backers all parametrically linked to the model so that I can send the dimensions out to get quoted from various vendors.  I would appreciate not having to populate this table myself by hand and then updating it throughout the design process every time minor changes had to be made.


Thank you in advance.