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take ownership not updating in part

Question asked by Ryan Helling on Jul 16, 2015
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We have Workgroup PDM. When I have a part open in Solidworks that is read only, I go into the PDM File Exlporer and find the part and take ownership. It says that I have ownership in the PDM Vault File Explorer area, however the part in solidworks still says read only in the title and it will not allow me to check it in.  Is there a setting that is not allowing Solidworks to update the part if I already have it open? If I close the part and then check it out and take ownership directly from the vault it works fine. It is only when I try to take ownership of the part that is already open as read only. I want to be able to do this because if I check out a top assembly I dont want to have to check out all of the children every single time. I would like to just check out the assembly, open piece parts from the assembly and take ownership as necessary.