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    Educational Version Issues

    Wyatt Smyers

      I'm currently working on a part that has been worked on in the educational version and a licensed version. I deleted all of the parts that had the hat next to them (made in educational version) but my drawings still have the watermark. How can I fix this?

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          Joe Kuzich

          I think your best bet would be to contact your VAR and see if they can help fix it for you.  My understanding is that if a educational part comes in contact with another part, assembly or drawing that it will contaminate the non-educational entity.  Then the only ways to undo it is to have a VAR 'clean' it (for lack of better terms) or start over and keep the educational stuff out it altogether.


          I could be wrong though and someone may have a simple trick.  It just seams that there wont be a simple trick because that would negate the reason for having the watermark.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Welcome to the forum.  As Joe said, I'm pretty sure there isn't a way to remove that watermark without contacting your VAR and asking them to send the files to SW to have it removed.  Since you said you are no longer using any of the files created with the EV there are a couple of things you might try first.


            1.  Pack and Go the drawing to a new folder.  Since the new drawing won't be referencing any EV files that might fix it.

            2.  Open a new drawing and copy and paste drawing views from the old drawing to the new one.


            I've never worked with the EV, so I don't know that these will work, but it's worth a shot.