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State, Group permissions

Question asked by Adam Johnson on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Jeff Sweeney

I have a workflow. There is one state (Issued) that has my "production" group added to it with 'read file contents' permissions only. This group has ONLY been added to that state. In their vault view, the users in that state cannot see any files that may be currently in previous states, But they are able to see all file that may be in various states that follow the Issued state that the "production" group is only added to.


My goal is to limit Production to only being able to view files that are in the Issued state. While, for example, wip, prototype, pre-production, obsolete are invisible to that group.

Seem's i have accomplished that with everything that precedes the Issued state. But files that are in any state after Issued is still visible.


Any help on reaching my goal would be appreciated. I had hope that a user cannot see any files at all in any state unless they are added to that specific states permissions. Am I wrong? Missing something?