Megan Billings

Drawings Dissapearing from the Vault!

Discussion created by Megan Billings on Jul 19, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2007 by Pete Yodis
I have one assembly that I have tried to check into the vaultseveral times to no avail.  When I go to check it in the checkin dialog shows all of the drawings, parts and assemblies as usual. The weird thing is that when I hit 'Check In' the check inprocess appears to be going normally but when it is finished and Iopen the vault the parts and subassemblies are there but the mainlevel assembly and all of the drawings are missing. Furthermore, if I try to check in the assembly again to catchthe missing components they will show up in the check-in list asbeing new but will not appear in the vault after check-in. This only happens with this one assembly.  I have triedpack-and-going it but that does not seem to help.  Has anyoneever had this problem? Is there a fix?