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F1 downforce simulation not yielding reasonable results

Question asked by Anthony Scalise on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Bill McEachern

Hello all,


First post here. I'm using SolidWorks flow sim to try and figure out how fast an F1 car must go in order to drive upside (generate downforce >= m*g). I've ran a 3D flow sim of the car using a solid for the road surface and set an ideal wall bounary condition. I set the velocity of the air in the wizard and refined initial meshes over both spoilers (areas of highest downforce). I'm only running half the car for computation time's sake, and am only getting readings of about 250 lbf downforce global. I can host the simulation to dropbox if anyone's interested in taking a look, it's about 3GB in size. I have attached an excel file with abridged results.

Really at the end of my rope here.I'ved tried everything. I even tried to simplify it to a 2D simulation but the solver would hang at about 66% of the way through mesh generation. I know from physics and real-world readings that these cars should be able to do it at ~140 mph, while my simulation is saying it will take ~400 mph.


I can further specify/answer any questions. Any help is much appreciated!