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How can I seperate only certain parts from a model? (Or delete/suppress only hidden items)

Question asked by Bret Hurt on Jul 16, 2015

I want to send only certain parts (sheet metal) of an assembly to a manufacturer.  It would also be nice if the drawings (assemblies & part)  sent w/ the parts (like in a pack & go).  However I want to be able to use the standard assembly so updates are reflected in the model when it gets sent.


Currently I've opened another assembly and dropped the main assembly into it.  I hid all the parts I don't want to send.  By only hiding the parts I don't effect the standard models and everything updates as the standard assemblies update.  I create a parasolid w/o the hidden parts.  Now I have a model of only the parts I want that I can create a BOM from but...


1.)  I can't import parasolid sheet metal parts into CAM software because they won't unfold

2.)  The drawings are not attached because when the parasolid regenerates the parts it adds suffixes to the part names like "default" or "-1".  Now that the part names are different the DRW files won't recognize the part.  (It really wouldn't matter if it did because all of the DRW files will be garbage since the parasolid sheet metal parts won't have flat-patterns.)


So, I create excel spread sheets from the standard model BOM and the model to be sent out BOM.  I task schedule for all of the DRWs to be converted to PDF format.  I link all of the PDFs to the corresponding parts in excel.  Sort the parts in Excel by who will manufacture what, now I can print DRW packets (in PDF form) in order of assembly (w/ the help of a print macro).  Then I enter all of the parts w/ their quantities into the CAM software one by one.


If I could just have a model of what I wanted still in Solidworks form I could drop the whole machine into the CAM software and Pack & Go all of the DRWs.


That would be great!