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New EPDM implementation, how to manage existing SW files?

Question asked by Brian Mc Cormack on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2015 by David Cramer

This topic has been discussed multiple times (and in different ways) on the forum, but I'm still trying to get a clear explanation.


I'm planning my first EPDM implementation, and while the vault/workflow setup, new file handling etc. seems ok, I'm unsure how to deal with existing SW files. These can have different custom properties defined, reference different toolboxes and material databases, different sheet formats for drawings etc. We want to use some of the custom properties to populate the data cards, but this is going to be difficult if the available properties vary file-to-file.


Is there a guide for how to properly update/migrate existing files from a Windows folder to EPDM system? I'm thinking of the following:


  1. Decide on the set of custom properties, standards etc. that all files should adhere to, make templates for new files with these.
  2. Edit (manually?) the existing files so they conform to the new templates.
  3. Migrate the cleaned-up files to EPDM.


The manual editting of files on this scale might not be feasible, is there a SW custom property editor that could do some of this in batch?


All suggestions appreciated.