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    Balloon issues

    Ben Fisher

      Hi have an issue with how you have to try every setting in the book to try get balloons to centre the text .

      Its not impossible but when I link a balloon to another balloon it sits in the bottom left of the balloon -Who would want text not in the centre of their balloon


      And in 2015 , if I make a note and then add a leader it will insert the leader next to the ballon


      killing me at the moment

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          Glenn Schroeder



          I haven't seen either of those issues, and don't remember anyone else here mentioning them.  Can you post some screenshots of the issue?  And maybe your computer specs, especially your graphics card?

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              Ben Fisher


              I have no issue with performance .


              Ive had an issue with this on many pcs as well as different versions of Solidworks




              The picture is a result of me placing a balloon and linking it to a leader without a border

              This is the process that I have to use from time to time unfortunately, otherwise they work fine