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Need help with drawing reference please

Question asked by Noah Thomlison on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Hello everyone,


I am having one issue that I would like some help with and another thing I would like some advice on please.


First the issue, right now at work I am making a series of drawings for our shop. These involve different configurations of flytes and chains, don't know if flytes are a common thing they pretty much just attach to the chain to pull logs or material along. There is numerous different configurations of these flytes and chains for example I will have a drawing that is of a chain of 50 links and 25 flytes, so they are connected every second link, and another with 52 links and 26 flytes and so on. I started by making the first 2 chain links mating the flyte and linear patterning it to get the desired length and number of flytes. Once this was done I proceeded to make the drawing for this. Once I had that down I was planning on using the same files, with a new name, and modifying the pattern and layout as needed but hoped to keep my drawings the same so that only minor adjustments would be needed. To do this I was opening up the solid works explorer and changing the reference on the drawing to the new assembly. I thought I had it down until I got to like the tenth drawing but then looked at the previous and the references had just changed for all of the other drawings as well. So instead of the references being like this







it is






If anyone knows how to make the reference changes stop changing the other folders and drawings that would be helpful.


Second thing I wanted to ask, in my drawing right now I have a bottom up broken view of the chains, as they are long, a side view that is broken as well and then a detailed view to show weld detail. I was requiring a second detailed view from above to show more weld detail but was unsure how to go about this. at the moment I am using an assembly of just a single link and flyte to get this top down view. would it be better for me to just make a top down broken view, get the detail off this and then hide it?


Thanks for the help guys. Hope my issues are clear and look forward to hearing from you.


Noah T