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SW assembly mass properties will not update

Question asked by Ryan Helling on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2015 by Ryan Helling

I have a top level assembly with a hundred or so total components, all of which are broken down into sub-assemblies. I am using Assembly Visualization (AV) to look at the mass properties of the components and the sub-assemblies. I am saving the AV values to an excel file in the "indented" form for my analysis. When I change a mass property (i.e. density) of a component, I see it update in the AV list to the correct mass, however the assembly that the component is in will not update its mass. Even if I open the assembly alone and not look at it in the excel output from AV, it still gives the wrong mass. But when I manually add the weight of all the components in the assembly using AV, the total weight is correct.  It is as if the assembly mass is sticking to what it originally was. What I mean by "originally was" is when I first checked in the assembly to PDM. I have checked in the assy and re-checked it out of PDM with no luck, only the piece part masses update and not the assy. I have also deleted all local copies where PDM checks out files. Anyone seen this issue before?