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Pin sliding in slot not o.k. in Basic Motion

Question asked by Paul Toti on Jul 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2015 by Paul Toti

This camming coupling first moves axially when the shaft rotates and is driven by the cross pin, and then continues to rotate.  This should occur both clockwise and counter clockwise rotation.  The pin should start, and finish, at the center of the slot and cause the axial shift with continued rotation of the coupling.  I use a tangent mate on one side of the slot in assembly mode.  However it is not ideal since it only goes to fully to one end of the slot.  This is because the wrap to create the slot feature is not symmetric.  A path mate would probably be better??  It does give me an acceptable movement to display when in the assembly model mode though.


However, I can't get it to work in Motion Study with collision.  I have tried to suppress some of the mates, and all of the mates too.  Both in assembly and in Basic Motion Mode.


This is my first attempt at this.  Would appreciate all help.


I've added a proof-of-concept that I made just to see if I was able to do something similar.  The difference in this model is that no surface knits were used. And the slot is not correct as would be generated by, for instance, a solid sweep. 


Now I've added a big square hole version of the coupling and it seems to revolve with contact.