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Design table live update

Question asked by Poorvesh Mistry on Jul 15, 2015

Hello SolidWorks Users,


I am not sure whether this kind of feature exists or if anybody has asked for it, but I am sure everyone involved in trying to automated their design will love this idea. I have been trying to do a lot of work on automating vessel (tank) design, using equations & design tables.

After creating about more than 100 equations, SolidWorks use to take more time in solving the sketches, dimensions, constraints and features. So I switched to Design Table, after making a Design table to handle more than 1,500 data and trying to edit many times, the internal Design Table got corrupt, now the SolidWorks model is linked to External Design table (in Excel spread sheet), but the dilemma remains that until we close the Design table, we cannot see the model changes.

Now there are so many geometry & features that we create & is not easy to visualize what could be the end result.


So how about if SolidWorks introduce such a feature that shows a live update as we change values in the Design table ?